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Efficient investment tax planning can only be achieved by means of a thorough understanding of the underlying financial dynamics as the two are unseparably interlinked. Appropriate tax planning will aim to improve financial returns whilst avoiding unnessary risks.

Insititutional investors will agree that increased focus on tax transaparency has put a strain on finance and accounting departments. Triple Two Consulting S.à r.l. helps clients to deal with increased reporting and transfer pricing requirements and will work hand in hand with investment managers and financial analysts in order to anticipate potential volatility in effective tax rates .

Private investors are rarely fully aware how underlying taxes, such as withholding and subscription tax, affect their returns. Moreover private clients are faced with a multitude of financial intermediaries. Our role is to help you through the maze in order to get the best value for your money.


Every investment decision has tax implications that require carefull consideration, either by optimising the investment tax structure, by adjusting it during the investment life cycle or by limiting the operational tax risks.

Any institutional investor will know that international tax structures can be complex to set up, yet even more difficult to maintain. We will work hand in hand with the different stakeholders, taking a pragmatic “in-house tax director” approach and pro actively advising corrective action if changes in tax laws require so.

Private Investors will need to consider an additional level of complexity in their investment decisions, due to estate and inheritance tax implications. With over a decade of experience in working with High Net Worth Individuals we can advise on and implement appropriate planning techniques such as donations, insurance based solutions, foundations or partnerships.


Investment decisions may require intervention from a range of legal professionals.

We make sure that legal agreements effectively cover the scope of the investments and that stakeholders fully understand the investment rationale throughout the investment life cycle.

Increased regulatory measures have dramatically increased the amount of legal documentation private investors are faced with.

Whether you are looking for assistance to negotiate the terms and conditions of your investment agreements, want to make safeguard your rights as an investor or are looking for the most suitable asset or creditor protection agreement, Triple Two Consulting S.à r.l. helps private investors in all phases of the investment process.


Triple Two Consulting S.à r.l. was set up by Jan Henneau as a boutique advisory practice to institutional and private investors. It is our firm believe that investment structuring, whether for institutional or private investors, requires a constant and coordinated focus on the financial, tax and legal aspects of the planning.

Triple Two Consulting S.à r.l. has an extensive track record of alternative investment structuring for institutional investors and has substantial experience in restructuring distressed assets.

High Net Worth Investors turn to Triple Two Consulting S.à r.l. for independent and objective advice relating to their investment portfolio and estate, especially in a cross border context.

Each of our clients has unique objectives which is reflected in our service levels and fee structures, bespoke and transparent.

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